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Journaling to Deal with Anxiety

The anxiety struggle is real around here. If you don’t know by now, I have an anxiety disorder mixed with chronic depression. I take my mental health very seriously because catastrophic things can happen if I don’t. One thing that has always made me feel better is journaling. Writing my way through my anxiety has kept me from going insane.…

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Play More, Feel Better

Do you spend enough time playing? As an adult, you probably have some sort of balance between responsibilities and downtime. In that downtime, do you get in enough play? Play is exercise or activity for amusement or recreation. So fun things like games and sports. Activities that get you in your body, using your mind, collaborating, and/or competing. And playing…

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Choosing The Right Partner in Love

There is no rocket science when choosing the right partner you want to share your life with. You must know what you want. Where you want to go. What you are willing to compromise on. And how much you would like to grow. Choosing a partner must be done wisely. A partnership with someone you love is an exchange of…

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Letting Go

Letting go is incredibly difficult. It feels like you have lost control of the situation. It may also feel like there is no viable solution. You may be left feeling like what does that say about you as a person? Letting go says, that you are an incredibly brave person. It says that the situation was not meant to control…

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3 Ways to Live an Unconventional Life You Love

Life is about making choices everyday. Every time you wake up, you make a choice. You decide what to drink, what to eat, what to wear, how early or late you will leave, if you love or hate your job. Many of the choices we make, ultimately affect if we are living a life we love. I’d like to share…

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I Chased a Rainbow

I chased a rainbow today. Like a child on a bike, I did a u-turn in my car and chased it with the wind in my hair and the sweetest of songs playing in my ear and it filled up every part of me that ached, because I allowed the darkness in. Even if for a moment the light was…

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I Am Free

I am awake. I am enlightened. I am free. I once had a fairytale only to be met with an unhappy ending. I was once blissfully ignorant to being owned as long as there was a “sense of” monogamy. Only to be failed time after time. I am awake. I am enlightened. I am free. I am in a reality.…

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Woman’s Intuition

Intuition gives you the answer before you have asked the question. It’s the pit in your stomach that aches. It’s the nagging feeling that speaks honesty into existence. It’s the the cautionary tale or the grace for salvation. Listen to the whispers of your woman’s intuition.   Copyright 2016. When sharing provide proper credit. Do not duplicate without permission.

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Beautiful Chaos

Life is nothing but a whirlwind of chaos. Each turn a master universal plan that catapults us into a rapture of mixed emotions. We grasp to find our bearings, only to be thrown into an abyss that we will never understand. We bask in the anger, the pleasure, the sadness, the happiness. Life is nothing but a whirlwind of chaos…

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